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You may have wondered if anything could be done to show more tooth structure to improve a "gummy smile." Your teeth may actually be the proper length, but they're covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, our periodontist performs crown lengthening.


During this procedure, excess gum tissue and bone tissue are reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. This can be done to one tooth to even your gum line, or to several teeth to expose a natural broad smile.


You don't have to live with a gummy smile

  • Restore damaged teeth – correct damaged teeth by properly preparing the area for a new restoration.

  • Cosmetic reasons – removing excess gum tissue can restore your smile and reduce the possibility of future periodontal infections.

  • Dental Crowns - create adequate space between the crown and margin and jawbone to ensure good tissue health.

Why choose crown lengthening?

This is a procedure that re-countours the gum tissue and often the underlying bone surrounding one or more of your teeth so that adequate amount of healthy tooth is exposed. Crown lengthening is often done to prepare a tooth for a properly fitting crown.


This procedure provides the necessary space between the supporting bone and crown, preventing the new crown from damaging gum tissues and bone. We may also recommend crown lengthening in order to make a restorative  procedure possible. If a tooth is badly worn, decayed or fractured below the gum line, crown lengthening adjusts the gum and bone levels to gain access to more of the tooth so it can be properly restored.

Functional crown lengthening

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Functional crown lengthening is an important part of an integrated effort to optimize your health, appearance, comfort and function. A beautiful new smile and improved periodontal health are your keys to smiling, eating and speaking with comfort and confidence.

Benefits of this procedure

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