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Scaling is used to remove plaque and tarter beneath the gum line.  Using an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler, plaque and tarter are carefully removed down to the bottom of each pocket.  The tooth’s root surfaces are

then smoothed and planed.

If you’re suffering from gingivitis or mild periodontal disease, you may avoid surgery with periodontal scaling and root planing.


This “deep cleaning” is a method of treating periodontal disease, when gum pockets are greater than 3 mm.

Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment

What can I expect from Scaling and Root Planing?

  • Disease prevention – prevents bacteria from traveling to other parts of the body

  • Tooth protection – prevents tooth loss

  • Aesthetic effects – scaling and root planing helps remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and below the gumline, improving gum health and appearance

  • Better breath – eliminate bad breath-causing bacteria

Benefits of scaling and

root planing

In order to ease any discomfort, a local anesthetic may be used.  We may also prescribe antibiotics to help control the infection.  All of these actions help the gum tissue to heal

and the pockets to shrink making it easier for you to clean your teeth effectively.  

Easing your pain and discomfort

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The goals of this procedure are to remove bacteria deposits and return to good gum health. Pockets are reduced.

Periodontal scaling before 1 Periodontal scaling after 1 Periodontal scaling before 2 Periodontal scaling after 2